Diet Considerations - Vegetarianism

Most of us have come to believe that vegetarian or vegan eating, represents a healthier approach to diet. In the case of the individual trying to recover from CRC, this may not always be the case.

Many with CRC really struggle with their choice to be vegetarian and their efforts to starve the candida by limiting carbohydrates. It can be difficult to work the two choices together. Those who choose this direction may struggle to maintain body weight. Likewise, it can be a challenge to follow a candida diet, food combining and a four-day rotation diet while keeping healthy weight on.

If vegetarianism is appropriate for one's constitution and health condition and is approached with appropriate self-education, self awareness and diet diversity, it can surely be a cleansing, health-supporting choice.

While we support vegetarian diets for some people, we have found that some people ARE actually better off eating some organic animal products than exclusively adhering to purely vegetable sourced fare.

Recovery from certain viruses, severe debilitating illnesses and other health conditions specifically require high levels of the amino acids - lysine, taurine, or heme iron. The most easily absorbed sources of these nutrients are found in animal products and meat.

As always, when we are healing, the most powerful tool we have is the self-developed skill of learning to listen to our bodies. Try to let your body make this decision for you, not your mind. Carefully consider the pros and cons of a vegetarian/vegan diet before you decide to begin this experiment during CRC recovery.