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Initial session + 2 half-hour follow-up sessions $300
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After payment has been processed, you will receive a health survey via email to be completed prior to the consultation appointment. East West Clinic will contact you to arrange a time (or times if you are booking multiple appointments) to meet on the telephone. You will be given a telephone number to call for the consultation appointment. You will have Ms. Lahoz's undivided attention for the full-length of the consultation. She will answer questions and provide you with a customized program specific to your case. You will fax or email your completed medical survey as directed in your confirmation email.

Medical Disclaimer

I understand that Colet Lahoz does not treat medical conditions but supports the body in maintaining health through nutrition and wellness advice as a practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine and as a registered nurse. I take full responsibility for any diet and health changes I make. I also understand that Colet Lahoz does not make medical diagnoses or offer medical treatment or prescribe medication; that service must be rendered by my family doctor or medical specialist.

The three products that brought about the most significant improvement that was long lasting were Bentonite (42%), Psyllium (40%) and Caproyl (40%). Nystatin and Nyzoral were rated effective with long-lasting effect by only 15% and Candida Extract was least effective (10%) compared to the rest of the other nine products listed.


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Payment by debit card, credit card, check or money order is accepted. You can also order consultation services by calling 715-248-7751 M-F 9 to 5pm Central time (or leave a secure voice message on our mail system).

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