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Conquering Yeast Infections
7th Edition, 2009
Chronic Illness and the Candida Connection
by S. Colet Lahoz, MS, RN

A lifetime work and goal to bring this subject matter to light for Candida sufferers and their doctors. Quite an insightful book. This book is a must read! Conquering Yeast - Chronic Illness and the Candida Connection is a breakthrough study conducted by S. Colet Lahoz, MS, RN, LAc, a registered nurse with training in both Eastern and Western Medicine and founder of the East West Clinic in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. This study examines the causes and symptoms of Candidiasis and also provides a means for self-assessment. From the remarkable stories of six individuals who have conquered severe Candidiasis to well-documented research surveying fifty individuals, this book sheds light on a positive path towards reversing the ravages of Candidiasis.