NEW! 20 pg. Printed WholeApproach® Candida Diet Food Lists

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Whole, Natural, Healing-Food Diet

The WholeApproach® Candida Diet is a healing, low-glycemic diet planned around hypo-allergic, highly-nutritious and easily digestible foods that do not promote yeast growth. The preferred foods help to clear mucous and reduce inflammation, while minimizing or avoiding foods that don't support candida cleansing.

Customized to Individuals Needs

The WholeApproach® Candida Diet is customized by each individual according to their improving score on the WholeApproach Candida Symptom Assessment Questionnaire. Food choices are selected from a Food List, divided into easy to use, color-coded, OK , LIMIT and AVOID categories. Participants choose foods according to their nutritional needs, preferences, and tolerances. Progress on the transitional diet is determined by the candida symptom questionnaire score.

The WholeApproach® Candida Diet Food Lists now includes "Food Notes", an alphabetical listing of foods that often raise questions when starting a whole-food, healing diet.

This printed version also includes two extra pages for your personal written notes.

WholeApproach Candida Diet Food List Download - Table of Contents

WholeApproach Food List Table of Contents