WholeApproach Candida Diet and Candida Treatment Success Stories Part II

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A collection of WholeApproach success stories:


“I know this place is a place for truly healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle all around, and I love that. It doesn’t incorporate just candida-safe foods. I am learning and starting to love how healthy feels and love the foods.” – Just Joe

“Hi Tarilee, I just read your FAQ on the Healthy Fats and Oils. Wow. Wow! I read it twice so I could absorb it. So much I didn’t know! Thanks for providing all this information! The more I learn about what is healthy and what is not is throwing my worldly knowledge views upside down. The more I learn too, the more I want to eat true healthy.” – Anonymous

“I have also realized that while these initial 3 months are not going to be “fun”, with all the food restrictions, the die-offs, and such, I can say that I am learning, transforming, changing.” – Anonymous

“Now I hyper-aware of what goes into my body. I have a new outlook on food and drink. I am keenly observant of what the ingredients are. I also make my meals now. I never cooked before. Sure, I’d love to sit down on the weekends with a nice glass of wine or brandy, but I don’t. It’s just that simple…. So maybe it’s all a blessing that I have to go through this…because once I get through it all, I will be a new person, a healthier person.” – Joe

“To see this as a blessing – not just a process that is awful, that you have to tolerate and just get through – but to see it as an opportunity to get to really know your body and like Joe said – to become a new and healthier person. How good is that?” – Susan

“I see it as a blessing also…We are all so much more aware than the average person drinking their soda and eating M&M’s for lunch.” – Anonymous

“After awhile your tastes really start to change and the food you used to eat doesn’t even taste good anymore.” – Anonymous

“It’s amazing 1) how my sense of smell is so much more acute now …. and 2) how amazingly AWESOME some foods can taste!” – Anonymous

“I found myself annoyed the other day when I ate some corn (a problem food for me) at a dinner party (it was in the chili, so I just ate it anyway). It made the little eczema patches on my hand come back for a couple of days. I was discouraged and annoyed, but then I remembered exactly how I was feeling one year ago: tired and depressed, itchy rashes on my hands and legs, and constant, burning pain from a never-ending yeast infection. Now I’m full of energy (mostly), less depressed, and I’ve been itch free for an astonishing 6 months!!! I don’t claim to be “cured” yet, as my little corn-induced rash reminded me, but I feel so much better. I love the way I eat, I doubt I’ll ever stop cooking this way. But I wanted to say that this year of eating has been crazy, frustrating, difficult, and wonderful all at the same time.” – Leah (Curly Sue)

“I’d do well for a few years, then get stressed out about something, and back to the sugar and carbs. I continued to get sicker and sicker. Not anything a doctor could put his finger on. Just not well. Couldn’t sleep, always bloated, chronic pain,congested, etc. etc. The final motivation for me was my mom getting ovarian cancer. One of the first signs of that type of cancer is abdominal bloating. I knew that if I didn’t get this under control I’d never be able to tell if I was getting ovarian cancer. And I wanted to help my mom, but I was so tired all the time. I also wanted to support her in choosing better foods to eat. I was too exhausted to even go to the chiropractor to buy the products, so I decided to see if I could find the products online. That brought me to Whole Approach. I ordered the products, but didn’t delve further. I knew that I would have to change the way I ate, and I’d have to learn to cook differently since what I did in the past didn’t work. So I started to check out this forum, and it was a LIFESAVER!! Not only recipes, but other people going through the same thing I was going through. It was months before I actually posted anything. But I found out how wonderful everyone was. I don’t feel deprived, I feel like I’ve been given the tools for good health. My mom worked so hard to stay alive. I have the knowledge now, that she didn’t have back then. I just need to make the right choices for my health. I’m so grateful to have found this site. It’s been a Godsend to me and my family.” – Gay

“Just months ago, I barely ever cooked myself a meal…well unless you consider cooking up some kraft dinner, canned soup, or popping a pre-made meal into the oven. I had no idea what quinoa, millet, stevia etc were. I rarely ate a vegetable (less than once a week) and loved my white bread. I will even admit that I have eaten ice cream or a bag of cookies for dinner! I was stressed at work and never made time for myself…and then my lifestyle caught up with me. I was totally burnt out and chronically sick. It seemed that just as I would get one issue under control another would rear it’s ugly head. After months of visiting doctors, antibiotics, and frustration I visited a kind and caring ND who started me on the path to recovery. I became addicted to researching candida and the more I found out the more I researched. It was overwhelming and just as I felt I had no where to turn I came across this forum. It has been a beacon of hope and a source of infinite information for me and I am truly grateful for it’s existence. Nowadays, I am constantly learning about new foods and ways to prepare them. My crisper is stocked full of veggies…and now that my tastebuds are re-born I actually enjoy them (who knew this could be possible!). I make time for myself, I exercise, seek healing treatments, know my way around the healthfood store (my first trip there was an adventure), and never put anything in my mouth without reading the label first. I feel transformed….it is great. I am still struggling with some symptoms as my body attempts to re-balance, but I feel hopeful for the future. I am passionate about learning and growing as I continue along this journey. Wow, all of that from a simple kitchen clean-up. Anyways…thank you very much for your support, encouragement and knowledge along the way. Wishing you one healthy day at a time….” – Jacqueline

“You know, despite the difficulties I have eating mainstream foods I would never go back. the immune system boost I get from the diet is worth the “sacrifices”. I feel strong, like I am still 18. There are just too many unknown elements taxing our bodies these days. Food in all reality is easy to control. I sometimes struggle with a craving here and there but 99% if the time I have learned to view food as merely a means to power myself for the things in life I really love. TOO many people LIVE for food, and they don’t know how much they live for it, until a few try to diet, which never works. It has to be a lifestyle change.” – Bryan

“It’s been 11 months since starting this program for CRC. I am officially cleared of candida as of last month. As the doc put it, “What ever you are doing, it’s working, keep at it, you’ve come a long way”.” – Anonymous

“I wanted to share that in the early days when I literally thought I might not make it, this site gave me power, passion & strength to make it through those scary days & nights. I’m forever grateful for the company of my CRC companions & the wealth of info. on this site. I have never deviated from the food plans because I think it would be very easy to slip back into sugar addiction but my-o-my I still would like some ice cream one day!! For those of you who are early in this journey – hang tight, you WILL recover. I was very impatient to see quick results & looking back, it did go quick for me. I am blessed to be able to capture that for my own recovery. I think humor really helped, epsom salt baths, loading the super greens, red cabbage, yoga, walks, the extra hands from my husband when I couldn’t deal with loud kids.” – Petunia Baby

“I used to *always* feel sick, like I was coming down with something–always. I’ve lost 12 lbs–12 that I needed to lose.  My husband was a bit skeptical at first–and also pretty bummed that our Friday night pizza night was off, and all of that. The turning point for him was when I showed him that the nail fungus I’d been battling for nearly five years is GONE. He’s been much more supportive since then (he was grudgingly supportive before–it was a big change for him, too.) For some reason that was his lightbulb moment when he really *got* that this was working for me. He’s been a rock star since. I know that this isn’t over by a long-shot. I have no plans to change anything I’m doing. Why would I? It’s working. This is my new lifestyle and I’m overjoyed that I’ve got my health back. The next thing is a deep dental cleaning in a few weeks and then I’ll really feel like I’ve beat out the yeast. Thanks everyone for all your good input and support. As we’ve all discussed in various threads, this is an awfully lonely process to go through. I hope this post will help someone who is struggling feel that there is hope. It *does* get good again. Really.” – Anonymous

“I just wanted to say “Thanks” once again for having this forum and leading me to good health. I marked my one year anniversary of following this program and I couldn’t have imagined feeling this good a year ago. My stomach doesn’t hurt all the time now, and, frankly, my family doesn’t have to endure the toxic gas. They thank you, too! lol I never thought I wouldn’t crave all that junk I used to eat! The recipes are so helpful and I feel so satisfied eating this way.” – Anonymous

“The most amazing thing for me is that I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and I haven’t taken any meds for about 3 weeks. It’s been rainy and chilly here in Minnesota, which was usually a sure time I’d feel awful. I had hoped I would find relief from the pain if I stuck with this “way of life”, but at times it seemed like the progress just wasn’t coming in that area. My candida score was always high because of the chronic pain, and I was just resigned to the fact that it might always be that way. But now I’m so excited. I’ve been working a tremendous amount of hours as a photographer and countless hours on the computer, with little time to see my massage therapist or even to renew my prescription that I had run out of. And I don’t feel rotten! I feel good. Thank you! Thank you! You have given me hope! I’ve had chronic pain for 20 years. This is so wonderful. I know the progress may be one step back for 2 steps forward. The pain may come back, but I feel confident it won’t stay. I couldn’t have done it without this forum and everyone’s support here, especially Tarilee, Ashley, Helen, Judith and Sandi, bless her soul. Thank you all!” – Gay

After the first week something amazing happened, I had more energy than I’ve had in years. I’m so excited to continue this, every day I feel better and better. I know there are still rough times ahead but for once in my life, something is actually working. My friends tell me that I seem so much happier suddenly and have color in my cheeks Wink . So thank you all so very very much. I cannot possibly express my utter joy through this medium but know that this program and your support has truly been a guiding light in this darkness.” – Vulpine

“I remember the first time I connected to this website, I was so sick that I thought I was going to die! It took 2 years to feel very well again but don’t get discouraged, during these 2 years, I had lots of great moments. I want to give a hope for those who connect here for the first time and are completely sick : today, I’m happy, I feel great and I’m 4 months and half PREGNANT ! Finally, this disease helps me to understand my body and knows what is good or not for me (and for my baby).” – Nathalie

“Well it has been officially one month since I began my diet, and as hard as it was, things are looking real good, not only did i lose a TON of weight, but my symptoms have just about disappeared… when I am hungry I try not to feed the urge to eat, but try to figure out what my body needs….Instead of craving fast food, i am craving salads, hummus, and veggies. my energy level is up, my triglycerides way down, and to my surprise my blood pressure went from 160 over 90 to 120/79!! in a month and a half! I am really seeing the great effects of this diet on my body and honestly that keeps me going on it, although trying at times, I know it is teaching me a new way of eating for a healthier me… It’s almost become second nature to me now, i can go into the grocery store and tell you immediately what I can and cant eat, what I like that I can eat and what tastes like cardboard lol! I know that there are people on here that are much sicker than I, and I wanted you to know I am not really intending to use this as a weight loss tool, but I just had to tell someone how having to be on this diet, has actually done amazing things!” – Wife Lady

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