Candida Diet - Eating on the Go - Summer Travel Food

By TL Cornish, CNP

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For the sensitive and conscious eater or those recovering from candida overgrowth, allergy and food quality issues, (gluten, food preservatives, and genetically modified foods) make eating in fast food restaurants or coffee shops en route, unappealing.

Whether you’re heading off to run errands, hiking with a friend or packing for a full day away from home, traveling with food to go is a wonderful way to ensure you feel your best to enjoy your adventure. On the menu are healthy, hypo-allergic, organic foods and practical tools like travel containers, coolers, natural wet wipes and portable cutlery.

TLC's Top Ten Favorite Travel Foods

  1. humus/bean dip/guacamole/sweet nut spread 
  2. avocado (whole for slicing or spreading)
  3. muffins or pancakes 
  4. pan bread and dip or spread 
  5. Marys crackers, pan bread, bean balls or patties, raw crackers 
  6. bean/quinoa/rice salad or grated veggie salads and sauerkraut
  7. hot soup 
  8. salad with the dressing in a miniature mason jar 
  9. sprouted, seasoned dehydrated seeds/nuts
  10. cucumbers, broccoli, zucchini, carrots and boiled, peeled eggs etc.

 Find many recipes for these items on the WholeApproach Support Forum and also the recipe books recommended by Whole Approach

TLC's Top Ten List of Favorite Travel Food Gear:

To pack a salad for the bike or the trail- visit your local environmental products store to find great picnic gear. Here’s my top ten list of gear for eating on the go.

  1. stainless steel travel containers with tight, leak-proof, clamp-on lids
  2. tea towels to pack with cold packs in a pannier/knapsack/breifcase
  3. small cooler lunch bag (for snack or smoothie)- about 4x4x11 that closes at the top and has a handle for creative cartage
  4. medium & large coolers- a zippered 8x10x10 is perfect for a full meal & a full size cooler is good for full-day trips or family picnics
  5. cold packs- theses come in a variety of sizes
  6. portable cutlery and cutting board (Ikea has a nice one) or chopsticks in a case (that will not puncture your cooler)
  7. cloth napkins to go
  8. stainless steel drinking containers with food grade stainless steel and a spill-proof snap or screw top medical-grade polyethene cap are great for hot or cold beverages
  9. double layer glass drinking bottles with silicone sleeves for protection
  10. thermos or thermoses for carrying hot soups or hot meals

This article has been revised from an article previously written by Tarilee Cornish. Tarilee is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with a special interest in pure, ethically-sourced foods, immune and digestive recovery and recovery from food allergies and candida overgrowth.