Candida Related Complex – the Whole Approach

Resolving Candida Related Complex – The Whole Approach

by TL Cornish, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

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The integrity and ecology of our intestines dictate our level of immune, digestive and mental/emotional health. Modern lifestyles can upset the optimum balance of the sensitive intestinal ecosystem made up of thousands of types of microorganisms. Imbalance causes a cascade of biochemical impacts that can affect all body systems.  When intestinal health is disrupted, pathogenic (harmful) microorganisms are no longer successfully kept in check by our beneficial microorganisms and they proliferate, at great expense to their host, (the patient).


Natural systems take time to recover and require an understanding and honoring of life processes along with careful observation. Successful recovery from CRC (Candida Related Complex) requires a comprehensive yet gentle approach that simultaneously strengthens the body terrain while lessening candida populations. As you’ve likely read about on the Whole Approach instructional pages, the approach we recommend is comprehensive and holistic and includes:

  • Nourishment and replenishment, (nutritional, emotional and immune supports)

  • Yeast reduction candida cleanse, removal (anti-fungals, colon cleansing and a careful food therapy program.)

  • Purification (detoxification and lifestyle improvements)

This whole body approach/whole lifestyle program is supported by the products and services provided by Whole It has proven successful even in cases where multiple ‘quick fix’ or other less complete protocols have been tried in the past. To begin, reduction of yeast populations is first addressed through a candida cleanse. Three products are combined to form a colon scrubbing, toxin absorbing anti-fungal drink. This is used for at least three months along with quality probiotic (acidophilus and bifidus) supplementation. Severe or long-standing conditions may require an ongoing program that includes products to address systemic fungus (beyond the intestinal tract.) For those who may need it, a total of five different protocol phases have been designed for use in concert with a holistic food and lifestyle therapy program.

Diet recommendations transition from a more restricted to less restricted diet when symptoms improve (as determined by a weekly symptom questionnaire).  The above program has been proven to outperform antifungal drug therapy.  In a clinical comparison conducted by a registered nurse and acupuncturist, Colet Lahoz, RNC, the results of those using the candida cleanse surpassed those on the drug therapy on several measures. The report on this clinical comparison is listed on the Whole Approach website.

Registered members of Whole Approach forum can also participate in the mutually supportive online healing community while benefiting from the twice weekly guidance of a nutritionist.

Detoxification through a candida cleanse can be challenging.  As toxins are dislodged, symptoms may increase temporarily. However as we begin to vitalize our body terrain, we can enjoy many benefits. Our immune resilience grows and our physical, mental and emotional health improves.   Candida cleansing and detoxification at least once a year for one to three months can go a long way towards preserving long-term health. What better way to start out your new year on a healthy path!!!