Whole Approach: Candida Diet and Treatment Success Stories Part I

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A collection of WholeApproach success stories taken from the WholeApproach Support Forum:

“Chronic neck pain, shoulder and upper back pain, yes!! I had all of those for about 8 years, with an increase in intensity the last 2 years.  And that was with numerous trips to the chiropractor for adjustments.  My muscle pain started to decrease after being on the new diet for about 10 weeks. Not gone completely, but started to feel relief from it.  I would say maybe by Phase II, the GSE phase, I realized my muscle pain was mostly gone. That was also after aromatherapy messages. That will help clean the toxins out of your muscles.

It was after completion of my acupuncture and first aromatherapy message… I think? That I suddenly felt like someone pulled my shoulders upright and I found myself standing up straight.  I had a severe slouch for years.  Not anymore! I hardly ever go in for back adjustments now. My muscle are strong enough to hold my back bone in it’s place. – Barbie


“I went to my ND today and she is suggesting I use bentonite every other week or one week per month and do it until I am feeling better (as well as following a CRC diet).   She said the missing link for most of her CRC patients was bentonite.  None of her patients got better without using it. From her experience you need the diet and the purge drink for as long as it takes you to recover and she told me her patients were all able to add foods back eventually (even fruit) but none were ever able to eat wheat again. That is not a concern for me as I have celiac and will never eat it again anyway.

Just thought you all might like to know what my ND had to say.   She is basically telling me to follow the program on this website as it is clinically proven to work. So for anyone who is feeling discouraged,  just keep on doing this!!” – Anonymous

It’s been just over a year and a half now and I feel awesome. I just retook the questionnaire and scored a 19. Essentially all of my issues are gone, and I think I got a 19 because of the last two questions about anti-biotics and steriods questions having such a long 5 and 10 year prior history.” – Joe

My asthma and allergies are gone, my digestive problems are gone, my headaches are gone, I haven’t been sick in well over a year. My immune system is improving daily, and my ITP (platelet count) is rising. I sleep better, have more energy, can concentrate at a 9.8/10 level, I remember things so much better… It’s amazing what sticking to it will do. Granted, I’ve strayed a few times, and guess what, I’m totally  okay with it. 99% of my diet is healthy and right, and it is my lifestyle now, so I feel I am at a place where I can do that. In fact, I still love dark chocolate, so I eat it once or twice a week… (delicious!).” – Joe

“Anyone who is going through their initial struggles, asking why me, or if it is going to work, know that it can be done, that you can do it, and that site can help. Give your body a chance and it will love you for it!” – Joe

“To everyone out there… take care and love this new journey you are on, it will be worth it in the end.” – Joe

“My chiropractor.  He asked me where it hurts and I was able to say “no where, just coming in for maintenance”.  For the first time in 10 years, the muscle pain has subsided and my spine is staying in line because my muscles have strengthened.  Incredible how much this has affected us and we don’t even realize.” – Anonymous

“I can relate to the organizing.  There have been many nights where I have had energy overload between the acupuncture and the surge I get from die off that I was up until 3 or 4 a.m. re-organizing closets and cabinets and filing old paperwork that was let go for so long because I was sick.  It is so great to have that quality life back again. I met a nice lady who is 73, but she looks my age (43) and she has been eating candida free for 20 years. Her G.I. told her she has a cleaner colon than most people in their early 20s.” – Anonymous

“A couple of weeks ago my chiropractor/accupuncturist asked me, ‘OK, where does it hurt?’ and it was the first time in three years that I could say, ‘Nothing hurts.’” – Anonymous

“I have decided not to explore so much anymore and I’m happy with the food I can eat. I’ve found that I really don’t need as many carbs as I thought I needed. My weight is less than it’s been in maybe 40 years but now people have stopped saying I look to thin. I think I may have more muscle and have found a new ‘normal’.” – Anonymous

“I am always wonderfully surprised at the breadth of the resources on this forum, the answers provided, and the sheer support that exists here. So I wanted to leave a little appreciation note for Whole Approach, just for always being here.” – Anonymous

“After two months on the Candida free diet, and the completion of PHase I anti-fungals, my allergies went away.  All nasal, skin, and allergy to the sun with my eyes. I can walk down the cleaning isle at the grocery store now without sneezing.  Yaayyy!!!” – Barbie

“My allergies started over 10 years ago with Allergic Rhinitis, in the nasal cavity. I would have swollen tissue, sneezing, especially in the morning. I was unable to walk down the cleaning isle at the store without having a sneezing fit.  I could not go out into the sun without sun glasses, even if I was standing in the shade.  The sunlight bouncing off of other objects was enough to set me into a sneezing frenzy, swollen red eyes and headache. Also, about 10 years ago, I began having severe skin allergies… then about 2 years ago, the food allergies started. In the last 2-3 years, I had sores on my arms & legs that would not go away, a few staph infections, and conjunctivitis.  I am now in Stage III of the diet, and Phase III of the anti-fungals. All my sores are gone, I can go out in the sun without my sunglasses and it doesn’t bother me, I am able to wear perfume, use scented dryer sheets with no rash, I do not wake up every morning with a stuffy nose and cough.” – Anonymous

“I have plenty of time to try, I am not going anywhere, ya know?  I will probably never or hardly ever eat regular bread again, they make yeast free rice bread, that’s fine with me. I really do not ever want any foods with yeast in it.  I remember in the beginning, I would wake up some mornings feeling a little stronger inside, and I knew I was winning.  It was empowering.” – Anonymous

“I’ve been dealing with this for 3 years now and starting the WholeApproach system a year ago. This diet is the best one I’ve found and the products took me to a new level of wellness.” – Little Mermaid

“Once you know what is wrong and how to treat it, your health takes a dramatic leap toward wellness. There is so much valuable and life saving information on the website and the forums. I can’t even count how many times I have gone to the forums and typed in the search box and found info to help me know what is wrong and what to do about it.” – JL Kays

“I wanted to say thank you to Tarilee, this board and others who have helped me get to this point in my life. While I may not have been 100% on the organic “train” from the start, or a few other things, I have come aboard now. I eat only 100% organic vegetables, all non-gmo, get my meats, eggs and dairy from a co-op which raise and prepare only cage-free, anti-biotic/hormone free livestock, and do not heat pasteurize their eggs or dairy. I have learned methods for soaking and sprouting; for which I understand the reasons why. I have come to learn good methods of food intake and balance.” – Just Joe

I can’t thank you enough. I have my life back. I was extremely ill, muscle & joint pain for over 3 years, fatigue, digestive issues & pain after eating, leaky gut syndrome, no heat tolerance, I felt like I was dying & the dr.s were not going to help me. After I self-diagnosed myself, I found your site. After 2 weeks of following the diet on your food lists, I was about 50% better. It wasn’t easy.” – B. Miller

“I just want to say from the bottom of my heart….THANK YOU. Whole Approach, I have no doubt that you saved my life. I tell that to everyone I see struggling with health issues, if they’ll let me.” – Anonymous

“I was told last week by my mother in law that I look 10 to 15 years younger. That’s huge coming from her! Well being is more precious than gold.” – K. Miller

“I had a live blood test yesterday and it’s the first time in 2 years that my blood does not show any fungi. It is a great milestone I wanted to share.” – Anonymous

My joint and muscle pain is nearly gone completely. No more morning aches and pain. I am still dealing with allergies so it’s still a process.” – Little Mermaid

“I have been feeling pretty darn fantastic and eating well and intend to keep eating this way for life. Although as I move forward, I will continue to add good wholesome foods that were restricted on earlier stages of the diet. I think the most important thing is to listen to your body.” – Anonymous

“As far as that other site, I stopped going there because it seemed to me that many there were out for the quick fix (ridding candida in 4-6 weeks) and had some weird notions in how to “cure” candida, which I didn’t necessarily think were of great value. I find that (as this site is so aptly named) a whole approach is the way to go. But to each their own. I have found this site to be of great value.” – Just Joe

It’s pretty amazing to me how far I’ve come. Not with respect to healing, but mentally. While I still may think about having a beer or something like pizza every now and then, I have a larger overriding thought and feeling that I just would rather not. I think about how the old foods I would eat would just make me feel bad. I equate the two now. It’s kind of hard to describe how I feel about it.” – Anonymous

I’ve felt so good the last month, I don’t ever want to feel bad again. I like feeling good, and I like being healthy. My BP at my last Dr’s visit was 117 / 72. I have a flat stomach now since I’ve lost that extra 10 pounds I was carrying. Now all I have to do is get that washboard I’ve always wanted.” – Anonymous

“Before I went on this diet I was having among many discomforts, bad arthritis pain and swelling in both hands for almost one year. Nothing could take the pain away. I tried going off gluten as best I could although it was difficult to be consistent. Almost immediately after starting this diet and protocol,90-100% discomfort vanished. I’m a believer. Of course my score for candida was so high, it may take three years- to a lifetime on this diet to keep from having a relapse. I am so grateful to the founder of this program for taking a stand to help humanity in this way. Especially at a period in time when there has been absolutely no help or support from the medical systems in recognizing candida for what it is, and how life threatening it can be. I’ve had a taste of how once it becomes systemic it becomes a path of destruction to the body. Love to you all! Thanks Tarilee.” – Anonymous

I learned how to cook from this site. And how to shop. Now my husband and I eat really well. (The teenager – not so much!) It’s been an interesting journey.” – Gay

“I’ve had excess wax in my ears for years and had build up to the point that I couldn’t hear very well. Since starting Candida treatment with my doctor a year and a half ago I’ve had them clean out my ears three times because I was having a hard time hearing from the build up. Each time they showed me scabs that had formed inside that they had to clean out. I bought the WholeApproach ear drops on Tari-Lee’s suggestion. I used it for about 5 nights in a row. This was about 2 weeks ago. I started the drink program 3 weeks ago. I am so excited. I had an appointment with my doctor for overall check up. Hardly any wax in my ears! I haven’t had a doctor say that in YEARS. I was so excited. I can hear so much better, too.” – Little Mermaid

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