Candida Die-Off: Your Healing Friend and Foe

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...Die-off is experienced differently by each person.  Most people experience die-off at some point in their recovery. There really is, however, no sure way to predict what point or to what degree one is likely to feel it. 

Some start the program and feel better almost immediately, noticing positive effects such as increased energy, better mental focus, better elimination, etc. For these folks, the die-off experience may be minimal or may occur a few weeks into the program.  Others start their yeast reduction program and experience diet off symptoms right away.

Candida Recovery, One Craving at a Time

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Many of today’s common illnesses are related to dietary excess, including, Candida Related Complex (CRC), hypoglycemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, ADD, obesity and more. How do we prevent ourselves from over indulging? In the case of people with special dietary needs who feel restricted from eating their habitual choices, we can work to transform our relationship with our food to a healthy, nourishing one.

We rise above the craving and follow a new, healthier urge.

Whole, Natural, Healing-Food Candida Diet

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The Whole Approach Candida Diet is a healing, low-glycemic diet planned around hypo-allergenic foods that do not promote yeast growth. The Whole Approach Candida Diet emphasizes highly-nutritious and easily digestible foods. The preferred foods help to clear mucous and reduce inflammation, while minimizing or avoiding foods that don’t support candida cleansing.

Candida Diet Considerations - Four Day Rotation Diet

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Candida Related Complex often goes hand in hand with food allergies and leaky gut syndrome. Many with candida will also be sensitive to individual foods, additives and preservatives. When beginning your candida treatment program, it’s particularly helpful to use the rotation diet to stabilize and improve your eating habits in such a way as to support your recovery process.

Candida - An Opportunity for Emotional and Spiritual Growth

Candida - An Opportunity for Emotional and Spiritual Growth

Many people who have recovered from CRC report that the illness taught them how to truly take care of themselves. Many of us, in fact, spend our whole lives taking care of others and putting the needs of others before our own. Is CRC present in your life to teach you to honor your own needs and learn to accept your limitations? Has it arrived to help you begin practicing the self-care that you need to insure a long life and the fullest possible self actualization?

Candida Symptom Assessment Quiz - Tips from TLC

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The first time you fill in the Candida Symptom quiz it will help you assess your health history and current symptoms. This base test will assist you determining how likely it is that candida overgrowth is contributing to your health problems. Then, if you fill it out weekly, it can help you track your health progress on the Whole Approach Candida Diet and Whole Approach Candida Protocol.  The weekly candida symptom quiz can help you focus on where you are improving, and can reduce your impatience by connecting your results with your diet and product protocol efforts. 

Focusing on your progress may improve your precision with your healing strategies.  You'll be able to see when efforts are working and feel encouraged. Alternately, when your efforts are not working, you'll know it's time to change your approach.

Candida Diet - Eating on the Go - Summer Travel Food

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For the sensitive and conscious eater or those recovering from candida overgrowth, allergy and food quality issues, (gluten, food preservatives, and genetically modified foods) make eating in fast food restaurants or coffee shops en route, unappealing.

Whether you’re heading off to run errands, hiking with a friend or packing for a full day away from home, traveling with food to go is a wonderful way to ensure you feel your best to enjoy your adventure. On the menu are healthy, hypo-allergic, organic foods and practical tools like travel containers, coolers, natural wet wipes and portable cutlery.

Candida and Food Allergies, Part III of III

Candida and Food Allergies, Part III of III

Candida and Food Allergies, Part III of III

The role of chemicals and processing in your response to foods

Pesticide-residues or irradiated foods may cause reactions in some people. Organically grown foods that are not sprayed or treated may be well tolerated while their conventionally-produced counterparts cause symptoms. Packaging additives may be made from allergenic substances such as cornstarch used to powder cereal bags and milk cartons. 

Candida and Food Allergies, Part II

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How can I determine if I have food allergies?

There are a number of medical and non-medical approaches to allergy testing, none of which are going to tell you all of the foods that may hinder your health or even all of the foods that you might have a significant reaction to. 

Candida-Related-Complex and Food Allergies, Part I

Candida-Related-Complex and Food Allergies, Part I

by TL Cornish, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Food allergies, food intolerance and candida commonly go hand in hand. Candida myceila (in its fungal form) causes damage to your intestinal lining which can worsen or trigger food intolerance and allergies.  This can increase food and environmental allergies and intolerance. 

Symptoms of food intolerance may include any one of many physical, mental or emotional responses. Identifying a relationship to a food, a combination of foods or an environmental condition requires some sleuthing and, likely the help of a food diary.

Seasonal Allergies and Candida Part 2

Candida and Seasonal Allergies

by T L Cornish, Certified Nutritional Practitioner


continued – see Part 1 below

3.  Detoxify

If we want to feel our very best during pollen season, it’s important to “clean-up” our environment. Work to create a natural, healthy home, car and workspace environment. Strive for a chemical and additive-free, fresh diet that is rich in nutrients. Reducing the number of allergenic and toxic irritants to our body frees our immune system to more effectively cope with pollens as we progress into a more tolerant health status.

Seasonal Allergies and Candida Part 1

Seasonal Allergies and Candida Part 1

By, TL Cornish, CNP

Do your seasonal allergies feel worse than ever since you've been struggling with candida?

Do you find you've got food allergies that worsen in the spring, summer and/or fall?

Does it seem like your hay fever "gets worse" when you eat certain foods?