101 WholeApproach Phase I Package-Whole Approach

101 WholeApproach Candida Phase I Package - Caproyl

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Includes 3 each: Attogram Caproyl 16 oz., Attogram Psyllium 10 oz., Probium 60 capsules; and 6 Attogram Bentonite 16 fl oz, 1 book by Colet Lahoz, "Conquering Yeast Infections, Chronic Illness and the Candida Connection", and a printed copy of the WholeApproach Candida Diet Food List. Includes complete mixing guidelines.  Approximately 3 month Supply (varies due to the varying dosage range).  

Product Note: Please see individual items for additional information and list of ingredients.

Now Includes a copy of the NEW WholeApproach® Candida Diet Food List!

The new food list now includes "Food Notes", an alphabetical listing of foods that often raise questions when starting a whole-food, healing diet.

This printed version also includes two extra pages for your personal written notes.


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Caproyl: Caproyl, containing liquid caprylic acid (extracted from coconut oil) and oleic acids (in safflower oil), is the fungicidal component of the Attogram products. Caproyl contains 1600 mg Caprylic Acid per Tablespoon. Caprylic acid, a fatty acid, is a broad-spectrum anti-fungal agent effective against Candida albicans and other fungi, but harmless to friendly intestinal flora. It is effective not only against the yeast form of Candida, but also the invasive mycelial form because it is absorbed by the intestinal mucosal cells. Oleic acid hinders conversion of the yeast form of Candida to the more injurious mycelial form. The safflower oil in Caproyl is high quality first press and solvent free. Click here for more details

Bentonite: Bentonite a volcanic ash found in the Black Hills of South Dakota, is an inert mineral silicate. When processed into a very fine powder and suspended in distilled water, Bentonite adsorbs (acts like a magnet pulling toxins to it) intestinal waste products without being absorbed into the system. Because Bentonite itself is not absorbed into the body, whatever it adsorbs is removed in the feces. Bentonite provides an excellent vehicle for removing miscellaneous intestinal poisons and toxins generated by Candida albicans.Click here for more details

Psyllium: Psyllium is a key element in obtaining the needed gelled consistency, which slowly moves caprylic acid through the intestinal tract.Click here for more details

Probium Multi Blend: Probium MultiBlend 12B is the source of a special strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium longum. Probium is free of Wheat, Eggs, Yeast, Soy, Sugar, Salt, Animal Derivatives, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Artificial Flavors or Preservatives.  Probium Multi is Gluten Free, Non-Dairy, & Non-GMO and has a Two Years Shelf and is Stable at Room Temperature.  Probium is Made in Wausau, Wisconsin, USA.  Click here for more details

Conquering Yeast Infections, Chronic Illness and the Candida Connection: A breakthrough study conducted by S. Colet Lahoz, MS, RN, LAc, a registered nurse with training in both Eastern and Western Medicine and founder of the East West Clinic in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Click here for more details

WholeApproach Treatment Protocol Outline:The WholeApproach® Protocol is a five-phase natural product protocol that has been successfully used at the East West Clinic in Minnesota for the treatment of Candidiasis (a systemic yeast overgrowth also known as CRC - Candida Related Complex). You can read about the WholeApproach® Protocol on this web site and in more detail in the book, "Conquering Yeast Infections, the Non-Drug Solution for Men and Women" by S. Colet Lahoz (Director of the East West Clinic). The WholeApproach® Protocol is based on the core program developed by Andrew Gutauskus, a Canadian Pharmacist and CEO of Attogram Corporation.Click here for more details