Bentonite Magma 16 FL. OZ-Whole Approach

112 Bentonite Magma 16 FL. OZ - Attogram

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16 fl. oz. Bottle
Purified water, Bentonite

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Bentonite a volcanic ash found in the Black Hills of South Dakota, is an inert mineral silicate. When processed into a very fine powder and suspended in distilled water, Bentonite adsorbs (acts like a magnet pulling toxins to it) intestinal waste products without being absorbed into the system. Because Bentonite itself is not absorbed into the body, whatever it adsorbs is removed in the feces. Bentonite provides an excellent vehicle for removing miscellaneous intestinal poisons and toxins generated by Candida albicans.

Bentonite must be in a liquid form in order to exert optimal effect. If taken in powder or tablet form, the digestive system must then convert it to liquid form. This task is not likely, however, because Bentonite does not mix easily with water.
  • The adsorbent action of Bentonite helps eliminate the Candida breeding ground by attracting and removing toxic material.
  • The adsorbent action of Bentonite reduces toxic overload ("die-off" reaction) by removing toxins released by dying Candida.
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