Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Naturals Smooth Operator 180 Capsules-Whole Approach
Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Naturals Smooth Operator 180 Capsules-Whole Approach

Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Smooth Operator 180 Capsules

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Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Naturals Smooth Operator, 180 Capsules

Gentle Digestion for Ailing GI Tracts

One capsule provides 300 mg L-Glutamine, 250 mg N-Acetyl L-Glucosamine, 100 mg Quercetin, 50 mg Ginger Extract, and 60 mg each of Plantain, Marshmallow, and Slippery Elm.

Common sense tells us that nearly all problems in the gastrointestinal tract are intimately related to nutrition. The nutrients in our formula promote the healing of damaged cells in the gut, restoring compromised intestinal permeability. Because an estimated fifty percent of the immune system's cells lie along the GI tract, immunity is greatly enhanced when stomach and intestinal problems are healed. Your body really is one integrated unit.

Dr. Ron's formula is a combination of gentle herbs and nutrients that soothe and heal GI problems naturally. Used in conjunction with a nutritional program guided by the principles taught by Dr. Weston Price, Smooth Operator helps make a smooth operator out of ailing GI tracts.

Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Naturals (formerly known as Yellow Sun Ultra-Pure Naturals) supplements are designed and manufactured by a team of supplements professionals and health care providers with extensive clinical experience in natural medicine. We use no lubricants, fillers, binders, coatings, flowing agents, or other added ingredients of any kind only the pure nutrients listed prominently on the label go into our products. The result is absolutely pure, optimally absorbed nutritional supplements.

  • No soy, wheat, gluten, sugars or other extraneous ingredients of any kind whatsoever.
  • Completely chemical-free and hypoallergenic.
  • No binders, fillers, excipients, or other commonly used additives.
  • Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Naturals contain only the pure nutrients featured prominently on the labels.
  • Dr. Ron is a licensed naturopathic physician and has been recommending nutrients and special foods for over 30 years. Dr. Ron has complete control over the quality of the supplements he offers to ensure his name stands for the finest supplements.
  • Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Naturals are made from the best ingredients available, in optimal amounts.