MoonMaid Botanicals Radiant Rose Cream, 2 oz-Whole Approach

MoonMaid Botanicals Radiant Rose Cream, 2 oz

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This lovely pink cream of rose petals, chamomile and lavender blossoms infused in sweet almond and apricot kernel oil make this luxurious blend light enough for use day or night. The combination of herbs and oils combined with pure rose absolute oil provides a gentle scent that is calming for the mind as well as nourishing for the skin of face and neck. This blend is so mild it is safe for use in the delicate area around the eyes. Remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body and this high quality cream will "feed" the skin of your face. 

Rose petals,
chamomile infused apricot and almond oil,
organic rosewater 
organic aloe vera
shea butter
Vitamin E
grapefruit seed extract
rose absolute
pure essential oils and flower essences 

Product FAQ's

Q: Why are MoonMaid Botanical products the right choice?
A: These products are absolutely clean!!! No chemical preservatives are ever used and nothing in the products is ever tested on animals.

Q: Why is there a bit of oil on top of the cream sometimes?
A: The only stabilizer used in these products is beeswax. Occasionally, if they get hot during shipment, a bit of separation may occur. Either stir it up or pour it off.

Q: How do I know all of the ingredients are organic?
A: The herbs used in all of the products are either grown by MoonMaid, wild crafted by a reputable wild crafter or purchased from a reputable dealer of organic and wild crafted herbs. The olive oil and Aloe Vera used is organic, the beeswax is obtained from an ethical beekeeper and everything else is as "clean" as can be found.

Q: What is the difference between ProMeno Wild Yam Cream and VitalVulva Wild Yam Salve?
A: ProMeno has a water part and therefore is a cream while VitalVulva is the same oil base with no water part added. Therefore it is a salve, more like Vaseline and sticks to the vaginal more effectively.

Q: How much progesterone is in ProMeno
A: None. Though it is made from wild yam it has not been converted into progesterone. It does, however, assist the body in raising progesterone levels thereby bringing estrogen and androgen levels into balance.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.