Candida Diet Considerations

Candida Diet Rules

Candida Diet Rules - Are They all Essential?

It's common for those of us on a self-healing path to come across a multitude of health theories, therapeutic diets and eating styles. The sheer quantity of information can be overwhelming and the contradictions, downright baffling. Some people go from diet to diet in the hope that one of them will fit just right. Others study all of the theories and try to accommodate all into one diet.

The candida diet itself, being low-carbohydrate, can be rather challenging. We caution against trying to follow so many rules that it makes your diet plans into an absolutely stressful and impossible feat. Try to remember that every diet rule is not applicable to every person. If you attempted to follow every diet rule out there, the combined restrictions would probably prevent you from eating anything.

In the hope of preventing you from getting lost in a maze of candida diet theories, we have selected what we consider to be the most important diet considerations that you need to be aware of during your recovery from CRC. You may be taking control of your health for the first time in your life and all these theories may be new to you. Balancing your diet rules with a calm, immune-boosting state of mind takes practice. As you settle into a diet that feels right for you, the anxiety around your choices will fade away.

We can't emphasize enough how important it is for you to learn to listen to your body. As you move forward, you will learn what works best for you. Your diet notebook (see Keeping a Candida Diet/Health Journal) will prove invaluable in helping you evaluate the effectiveness of your food program.