Frequently Asked Questions - Recommended Recipe Books

The following books are recommended Recipe Books. Please feel free to submit your favorites on the WholeApproach® Support Forum.

Recipes for Recovery

is a collection of recipes from the Whole Approach Candida Support Forum.

  • Over 480 Recipes submitted by Support Forum Members from around the world
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Yeast-Free
  • Many Vegan and Raw Food Recipes
  • Easy Ideas for Healthy Breakfasts, Travel Lunches, Desserts and Breads
  • Substitutions for special diet considerations
  • Divided in easy-to-use sections and fully indexed
  • 3-Ring binder design - lays flat for easy use with room for additional recipes

Allergy and Candida Cooking Made Easy by Sondra Lewis

is a comprehensive, user-friendly cookbook and resource guide providing an effective tool for those with food allergies and yeast-related health challenges such as Candida Related Complex and Fibromyalgia. The recipes are for various stages of the diet and not necessarily appropriate for stages one or two but she does an excellent job of explaining food rotation diets and offers many practical tips for how to create one that is right for you.

Simple Choices for Healthier Eating by Sondra Lewis and Dorie Fink

is a how-to guide for people interested in eating well. With concise yet detailed information about nutrition, Sondra Lewis and Dorie Fink lead readers through specific shopping and eating strategies and then showcase these strategies with over 200 delicious heart-healthy, gluten-free, and/or vegetarian recipes and 80 complete meal suggestions.

The above two books will provide some fresh ideas for food preparation and hypo allergic eating. However many of their recipes include sweet ingredients that are not recommended in the early stages of the Whole Approach anti-candida diet. Ideas about substitutions are available through both of those books and through the Candida Diet FAQ’s.

Other Books (not sold on our site)

"The Complete Food Allergy Cookbook" by Marilyn Gioannini: for allergies & substitutions This book also contains a lot of recipes that we can't eat, but it has many other strong points. There is a large section that discusses different kinds of grains, flours, binders, etc. and tells you what they are best used for. Her substitution charts are very handy too.

The Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates: information, recipes, resources for living foods that are healing foods for those who can healthfully enjoy them.