Frequently Asked Questions - Relapse

What If I Experience a Relapse During My Program?

If your symptoms worsen after an initial improvement, there are several common reasons for this. One or more of the following may be true for you.

  • You could be experiencing a die-off reaction. You can read a lot about this phenomenon on the Whole Approach® website (Die-Off). Die-off can continue to be an issue for you throughout the beginning and middle of your program. As you move towards recovery, your episodes of die-off related symptoms (and candida-related symptoms) become fewer and farther between.
  • Your body may not be ready to proceed to the next stage. In this case, you'll want to return to the previous diet stage/product protocol that you were comfortable with and stabilize yourself for another couple of weeks before you attempt to make this transition again.
  • A worsening of symptoms can be caused by a food intolerance/allergy. It is possible that anytime throughout the program, you could uncover a long-standing hidden food allergy/intolerance or you could develop a new food allergy/intolerance. See our page on Allergies for allergy info. You are much less likely to develop a new allergy if you are following the Rotation Diet. Sometimes you won't discover a food intolerance until you've abstained from that food for a while. By taking a break from the offending food, your immune systems will have a chance to recover from the chronic exposure. Reintroduction can trigger an easily recognizable reaction. Even if the reaction is delayed, you'll be more likely to identify it than if you had continued to eat the food without a break.
  • You may be experiencing a healing crisis (A.K.A. an intense healing event). A healing event involves detoxification, repair, and/or rebalancing work that the body undertakes during healing. This process can stimulate some temporary, uncomfortable symptoms.
  • You may be experiencing symptoms of environmental illness, or a viral and/or bacterial infection that is making you feel worse.