Frequently Asked Questions - Weight Changes

Maintaining Weight while on WholeApproach® Candida Diet

This food therapy program is free of the refined carbohydrates and high glycemic foods which feed fungus and yeast and limit immune function. It is not, however, intended to be an extremely low carbohydrate diet. The food therapy protocol will suit a majority of people but some people may experience weight loss, which may not always be desired.

Some people may require more starch than others to maintain their ideal weight, especially those who are breastfeeding, athletic, have low serotonin or very active metabolisms. A diet too low in starch can have a stimulating effect on the metabolism, for some even triggering a ketonic state that burns energy and fat quickly. A ketonic state can drain physical, mental and emotional resilience and leading to fatigue and depression. A high starch or sugar diet can also negatively impact emotional and brain health so a small to moderate amount of starch, combined with proteins and ample healthy fats, both customized to metabolic type and activity level is my preferred approach.

Generous servings of beans may be needed to help raise starch levels in a low glycemic way. If more beans are not suitable for you, alternately consider high nutrient LIMIT foods like sweet potato, organic corn, etc. Also consider adjusting serving sizes when appropriate.

To help you achieve your nutritional goals, a food values reference book or website that lists caloric levels of all foods can help. Some websites provide such listings and the book, The Nutritional Almanac is a book that offers nutritional specs on many common natural foods.

by Tarilee Cornish, CNP

Tarilee Cornish is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with a special interest in immune and digestive recovery including general detoxification and recovery from food allergies and candida overgrowth. She is especially passionate about pure healing food choices that have a democratic, ecological and compassionate production and distribution chain. Tarilee is a moderator on the WholeApproach Support Forum.

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