Preparing Your Winter Wellness Kit

With Cold and Flu season approaching, immune support strategies should be a top priority. The most essential part of supporting our immune health is building our diet around whole foods that fortify our nutritional foundation. During the holidays, we may have some added challenges to managing our healthy food therapy plan: emotional stress, reduced time for planning and preparation, parties and gatherings loaded with temptations. Prepare healthy snacks, frozen meals or soups that are easy, nutritious and satisfying. Find recipes and food ideas on the WholeApproach Support Forum Recipe Section.

We've put together a list of links to help you prepare your Winter Wellness Kit:
Coping with Cold and Flu Season by Tarilee Cornish

Thinking of a flu vaccine? Here's a link to a news article of interest: Americans Surprised, Concerned that 90 % of Flu Shots contain Mercury

A viral "episode" can lead to complications such as infections or pneumonia; leading to antibiotics and the possibility of additional complications that can take months to remedy. There are a number of steps that you can take to strengthen the health of your immune system to avoid viruses, or minimize their impact if you do contract one. In addition to the "Fourteen Strategies to Optimize Immune Function" article on our "Newsletter" page, WholeApproach has added some Immune Boosting products to assist you in achieving optimal immunity.

"SOS" Cold and Flu Essentials for the Medicine Cabinet
EchinaSeal Infection Fighter - for fighting off bacterial and viral infections Astragalus Combo - for daily, deep immune support to prevent viruses (stop at first sign of illness)
  • Prone to colds, the flu and other infections?
  • Concerned about viral infections?
  • Feeling chronically run down?
  • Undergoing chemotherapy?
  • Recovering from surgery?
Astragalus Combo Deep Immune Support is St. Francis Herb Farm's top antiviral fomula.
  • Reinforces the innate "deep immune" response within us
  • Maintains physiological & psychological equilibrium
  • Extremely useful for auto-immune and immune deficiency disease
  • Nourishes bone marrow
  • Effective prevention of colds, flu and viral infection
  • A superior Canadian formulation of the highest quality, certified organic, organically grown and wildcrafted herbs
  • Clinically proven and endorsed by the renowned naturopathic practitioner, Dr. Anthony Godfrey, ND, PhD, author of DEEP IMMUNITY: UNDERSTANDING YOUR BODY'S IMMUNE SYSTEM
UAS Probioplus - for normalizing intestinal flora, boosting immunity and staving off intestinal infections or problems caused by food-borne-bacteria.
SBX with Soil Based Micro-Organisms - Intestinal flora together with powerful immune boosting herbs.
Oreganum Plus* Supreme Wild Oregano - studies have confirmed Oregano Oil to be more than just anti-bacterial. It actually has powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties.
Activated Charcoal- for nausea, intestinal cramps or diarrhea.
Fresh ginger or ginger tea - for warming up the body to fight off viruses. You can keep fresh ginger frozen to have it always on hand.
Aconitum Napellus (30c) - for colds that come on suddenly (especially if chills and sneezing are present)