SBX For Improved Digestion, Elimination and Immunity

SBX with Soil Based Micro-Organisms is a remarkable synergistic formulation that merges powerful immune boosting herbs, probiotics and super-nutrients, with homeostatic soil micro-organisms.

What are HSMs?
Homeostatic Soil Micro-Organisms are highly specialized soil-based organisms that possess powerful health benefits when ingested by humans. They play a vital role in the cyclical ecosystem of healthy soil. HSMs engulf the mould, fungi, and putrefactive bacteria in rotting plant matter. They then transform this waste into nutrients and growth promoting hormones, which they release into the soil to fertilize new plant growth.

HSMs and Human Health
The purifying and nourishing effects of these bacteria in soil are duplicated in the human digestive system when HSMs are ingested. Clinical studies have shown HSMs to be capable of dramatically improving intestinal health by reducing intestinal pathogens and by dislodging hardened waste material. As HSMs metabolize undesirable microbes, they release by-products that support human health. In addition, they stimulate the production of self-healing substances and mechanisms (i.e. alpha-interferon, super oxide dismutase, lactoferrin and antibodies). The HSMs' powerful healing potential was discovered in the 1970s. The strain has since been purified, cultivated and tested in clinical trials.

What are the Therapeutic Benefits of HSMs?
HSMs improve colon health, immunity, digestion and assimilation, and increase antioxidant levels (super oxide dismutase in particular). They temporarily colonize the intestinal walls, for as long as they are consumed.

Colon Health
These fascinating bacteria enhance intestinal health in several ways. They engulf pathogenic organisms such as yeasts, moulds, and putrefactive bacteria. They also burrow into and consume old, hardened fecal material on the intestinal walls, thereby helping dislodge it. And by reducing the populations of antagonistic organisms (most of which produce undesirable chemical by-products), HSMs reduce bowel toxicity. This allows bacteria essential to health, such as Lactobacillus-acidophilus, bifidus, rhamnosus and faecium to thrive. When levels of harmful organisms are high, these bacteria are suppressed. Proper levels of these beneficial bacteria act as powerful immune regulators. They also balance intestinal pH and produce vital hormones, vitamins and enzymes.

The HSMs also support digestive health by producing short chain fatty acids that help balance the pH of the intestinal tract and support the healing of the intestinal lining.

HSMs have been shown in laboratory tests to stimulate the human body's production of alpha-interferon and to stimulate an increase in antibody production.

Alpha-interferon is a powerful immune compound produced by leukocyte cells. It is well known by the medical community for its effectiveness against moulds, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. For years, scientists have worked to perfect a man-made version of this substance. The synthetic alpha-interferon, currently available is exorbitantly expensive and must be taken in high doses, which can create side effects. Furthermore, artificial alpha-interferon is only able to mimic one sub-species of the 20 that a healthy leukocyte can produce. HSMs, on the other hand, stimulate the production of 16 natural alpha-interferon sub-species.

Antibody production
The body reacts to the biomass formed by an HSM colony the same as it does to an antigen (foreign substance) and produces extra B-lymphocyte antibodies in response; these, in turn, stimulate the production of "multi-purpose" antibodies. According to Dr. Peter Rothschild, MD (who has performed extensive research on HSMs), these "multi-purpose" antibodies can be stored and then encoded and used for immune defense as the need arises.

Digestion and Assimilation
HSMs have been shown to improve the assimilation of nutrients by improving intestinal absorption, assisting with digestion and releasing lactoferrin (an iron-binding protein).

Intestinal Absorption
HSMs act to improve nutrient absorption by removing the barrier created by accumulations of waste on the intestinal wall. As a result of this removal, the intestinal villi, (the hair like "fingers" on the intestinal wall that absorb nutrients), are cleaner and therefore can more efficiently absorb nutrients.

Enzymatic Digestive Supports
HSMs have enzymatic-like action that supports digestion by helping to break foods down, thereby further enhancing nutrient assimilation.

Human studies have demonstrated that, as a normal by-product of their metabolism, HSMs release lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein. According to Ann Louise Gittleman, MS, in her book, Beyond Probiotics, humans can absorb up to 95 percent of dietary iron when it is bound by lactoferrin, as compared to 7 percent of non-bound iron.

Lactoferrin-bound iron is also unavailable to pathogens such as Candida. This is of tremendous benefit to those suffering with the chronic anemia commonly associated with Candida-related illness and other imbalances in intestinal bacteria. Pathogenic intestinal organisms thrive on iron and therefore tend to steal it from their host. Lactoferrin deprives these microorganisms of iron and makes it more available to the host. Adequate iron levels, of course, are essential for immunity, energy, and healing.

Superoxide Dismutase
HSMs have been clinically proven to release superoxide dismutase, a powerful cellular antioxidant. This nutrient is well known for its protective effect against free radical induced tissue damage. It is also believed to be protective against carcinogens and radiation.

The Synergistic SBX Formula
Each 700mg Capsule contains a 220mg mixture of Reishi and Shitake mushrooms with Astragalus and Schizandra, plus 480mg of the SuperB-X base (a natural source of minerals, trace elements, beneficial cultures (incl HSMs), and exclusive enzyme proteins all derived from natural plant and sea sources.

Traditional Chinese Immune Tonics in SBX
Astragalus - traditional Chinese herbal adaptogen (increases body tolerance to stress) - nourishing to the adrenal glands and supportive to the liver and other digestive organs.

Reishi - antioxidant Chinese medicinal mushroom - stimulates T-cell activity - used to enhance energy, immunity, liver function, and to reduce allergy symptoms.

Shitake - Chinese medicinal mushroom, - boosts energy and immune strength by increasing interferon production and macrophage activity.

Schizandra - adaptogenic and immune supporting herb - stimulates the mind while calming the body - also supports liver function and fat digestion.

The Super Nutritious SuperB-X Base
Lactobacillus and Bifido bacteria - health-enhancing bacteria indigenous to the human intestinal tract - provide the nutritional support and pH balancing needed to optimize HSM activity in the SBX formula.

Spirulina, a blue-green algae, rich in minerals, chlorophyll, and amino acids - adds nutrition to the SBX formula while nourishing the HSMs.

Sea deposits - rich in minerals to nourish both the HSMs and their human host.

Shelf Life
The beneficial cultures (incl HSMs) in SBX remain dormant until they come in contact with moisture in the intestinal tract. The formula has a five-year shelf life and does not require refrigeration.

SBX is the Original HSM formula
SBX is the original HSM formula. Unlike the ever growing competition, SBX's comparatively simple formula contains the maximum amount of HSMs possible. There are now several "improvements" offered on the market that boast a long list of supporting nutrients, but as these manufacturers add more and more components to their capsules, they lower the specialized HSM content. The HSMs are the key ingredient that potentizes these formulas.
Candida and SBX
SBX formula can be extremely beneficial to those suffering from Candida by enhancing immune function, (speeding recovery from the illness). The SBX also helps to restore intestinal health, iron levels, optimum nutrient assimilation, and cellular antioxidant levels.

This formula's most crucial Candida-related benefit lies in its fortification of immune function; Candida related illness is almost always linked to immune weakness.

Candida overgrowth can quickly undermine intestinal as well as immune health. It interferes with efficient digestion and therefore contributes to a build-up of waste in the colon and along the intestinal walls. Putrefactive bacteria and other pathogenic wastes accumulate. Candida and the overall putrefactive environment can even cause damage to the intestinal lining (i.e. leaky gut syndrome).

The HSMs in the SBX formula aid digestion, support intestinal detoxification, control pathogenic organisms, and can even help heal the sensitive intestinal lining. In fact, this formula appears to be well suited to meet most of the recovery challenges posed by Candida -related illness.

SBX may be taken with food or without. The cleansing benefits will be more pronounced when taken on an empty stomach while the enhancement of dietary nutrient assimilation will be greater when the product is taken with food.

SBX: The Perfect Complement to the WholeApproach protocol. Because of its benefits to immunity, digestion and colon hygiene, SBX enhances the effectiveness of the Attogram Products. The Attogram products (Caprol, Bentonite, Psyllium) should be taken for at least two weeks prior to starting with SBX. This gradual approach minimizes the "die-off reaction" that is often experienced at the beginning of a Candida cleanse (i.e headaches, fatigue or worsening of symptoms). Good elimination should be established prior to beginning the SBX.

When starting the SBX, begin gradually.:
  • First week: One SBX capsule per day
  • Second week: One SBX capsule twice daily
  • Third Week: One SBX capsule three times daily
  • Fourth week onward: Two capsules three times per day until symptoms have improved substantially. Gradually discontinue the product and stop- or reduce to a maintenance dose of one capsule two to three times per day.
Directions (when used without WholeApproach Program)
This product can temporarily alter bowel function and stimulate rapid detoxification, so it is important to gradually increase the dosage. Starting with one capsule twice daily, gradually increase to two capsules, four times per day (over the course of approximately four weeks). Stay at this level until desired results are achieved, then reduce dosage gradually.

For maintenance, take one capsule two or three times per day.

Attogram strongly recommends taking a fiber supplement and increasing water consumption while taking SBX (at least five to ten eight-ounce glasses per day). The fiber and water support the removal of the intestinal waste loosened by the HSMs. Attogram's Psyllium powder is the ideal fiber for this purpose. For best results, take the SBX at least two hours away from the fiber supplement.

Do not use for more than four months continuously. A two-week break is adequate. Gradual reintroduction is recommended after a break from use. 

The reason for discontinuing the product is to force the body to resume functioning without the support of the HSMs. The break prevents the body from becoming so accustomed to the product's support that it loses its effectiveness. Phasing the product in and out again results in a sort of "training program" for the body as the effects of the product are integrated.

Intestinal toxicity and/or an imbalance in intestinal flora have been shown to contribute to many disease conditions, while insufficient immune function has been implicated in everything from allergies to heart disease. Clearly this supplement, with its broad range of therapeutic benefits, could potentially have a major impact on North America's current health crisis.