SBX - nature speaks softly

Andrew Gutauskas, Andrew Gutauskas is a licensed pharmacist in Canada engaged exclusively in the dietary supplement business since 1980. 

Those of us acquainted with natural medicine are well aware of the need for internal purity for optimum health. The human body is constantly attempting to cleanse itself of toxicity. A disregard of this law virtually guarantees future illness.

Another equally important, but largely ignored law is the body’s desire for nutritional integrity and equilibrium – the proper balance of all necessary nutrients throughout the entire system. Failure to achieve this will always encourage disease since the body will be less capable of defending, and even cleansing, itself. Nutritional balance is most easily achieved by eating foods that are likewise nutritionally balanced. The problem is, however, that such foods are difficult to come by.

Foods contain thousands of nutrients, not just the ones that are usually found on supplement labels. And their strength is not measured in milligrams but in their relationship to one another. They work together (synergistically) to achieve beneficial results, first in the food where they are found and then in the people who eat that food.

Every food is a complex, integrated system of biochemicals. The human body needs, and expects to receive, all of the naturally occurring nutrients found in any particular food because they work best with each other. Ideally, there are no excesses, no deficiencies and every nutrient has a part to play. For example, “the apple contains over 200 chemicals that interplay in over 1300 reactions in the digestive and assimilation processes. It is this very complexity in interrelationship that sets life apart from non-life. … The action and availability of many nutrients depends upon the simultaneous presence of others.” 

Nature speaks softly, not in terms of milligrams but in evolved synergistic cooperation.

Dietary supplements that speak loudly have little to say.

SBX speaks softly too

Each of its three components have tremendous synergistic power of their own. When combined, the benefits are further amplified to the highest degree because SBX is actually an entire ecosystem in a bottle. It consists of nutrient rich purified earth, beneficial bacteria that live in such earth, and a large variety of food plants that grow out of that earth.   Swallow the capsule and complete the cycle!

Earth Component: Created from ancient plant matter about 4500 years ago, at a time when the environment was intact and complete, guaranteeing the full complement of all the trace minerals that the Earth has to offer. These have passed through the plants’ biochemical processes for easy assimilation and use by the human body. Additionally, many amino acids have survived the test of time. And, of course, humic acid and its many components, such as fulvic acid, are major soil constituents and have a variety of health benefits. In addition, the pristine environment of millennia past guarantees this ingredient to be free of toxic pollutants.

Bacterial Component: Healthy Soil Micro-organisms (HSMs), are found in the soil that supports vegetables, fruits and other plants. They produce and release powerful enzymes that sterilize the soil of putrefactive organisms, thereby helping prepare it to support new plant growth. Without HSMs, lush plant growth could not take place because the soil would be too contaminated with organisms that are antagonistic to plant welfare and reproduction.

Many forms of Healthy Soil Micro-organisms are unknowingly ingested into the human system, with beneficial effects, when fresh raw root vegetables are eaten. There are no harmful side-effects. In fact, the bacteria yield increasingly positive health results as more and more are consumed. SBX is evidence that certain bacteria that are not native to the human system are capable of providing dramatic health benefits when ingested.

The effectiveness of HSMs rests, to a very significant degree, upon their SYNERGISTIC nature – the COOPERATION of many kinds of bacteria to produce a strong community – whether it be in the wild or in your gut.

Attogram Corp acknowledges that THIS COOPERATION is more important than the individual components. For this reason we do not list the names of the probiotics on the SBX label. They may also change slightly from time to time depending on the conditions of their breeding environment. Similarly, their individual concentrations do not hold a lot of meaning in the context of the SYNERGISTIC effect, which always yields a consistent, predictable and remarkable result.

The most common SBX probiotics include Lactobacillus bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum, B. longum, Bacillus subtilis, and the HSMs. There are also one or two yeast organisms. Lab tests reveal that they exist in very minor amounts, such that people sensitive to yeasts do not have a problem taking SBX.

Vegetation Component: SBX contains a total of nearly 60 fruits, vegetables, herbs, grass juices and algae. These have been cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. They have been dried at low temperature in their fresh and raw state. These contain thousands of nutritional compounds – many as yet undefined by science, but no less necessary – in synergistic relationship to one another. Man cannot reproduce in the lab this complexity which nature weaves in the wild.

Nature speaks softly – but powerfully!

SBX activity

SBX promotes overall healing and stimulates powerful immune responses, including

  • dramatic cases of remission from diverse serious illnesses and chronic degenerative diseases (beginning within 3 days to 4 weeks after starting the product)
  • virtual immunity from colds and flu
  • greater resistance to infections
  • increased &/or stabilized metabolism
  • increased energy levels and physical strength
  • stronger digestive capabilities and nutritional assimilation
  • elimination of constipation
  • increased frequency of bowel movements
  • quicker healing of wounds
  • increased mental clarity

Healthy Soil Micro-organisms are highly specialized bacteria that possess powerful benefits when ingested by humans. They play a vital role in the cyclical ecosystem of healthy soil. HSMs engulf the mold, fungi and putrefactive bacteria in rotting plant matter. They then transform this waste into nutrients and growth promoting hormones, which they release into the soil to fertilize new plant growth.

The purifying and nourishing effects of these bacteria in soil are duplicated in the human digestive system when HSMs are ingested. They are capable of dramatically improving intestinal health by reducing intestinal pathogens and by dislodging hardened waste material. As they metabolize undesirable microbes and toxicity, they release by-products that support human health.

Healthy Soil Micro-organisms temporarily colonize the intestinal walls, for as long as they are consumed. They last only up to 36 hours in the human gut because it is not their natural environment. The beneficial cultures in SBX remain dormant until they come in contact with moisture in the intestinal tract. SBX has a 3 year shelf life and does not require refrigeration.

These fascinating bacteria enhance intestinal health in several ways. They engulf pathogenic organisms such as yeasts, molds and putrefactive bacteria. They also burrow into and consume old, hardened fecal material on the intestinal walls, thereby helping dislodge it. And by reducing the populations of antagonistic organisms (most of which produce undesirable chemical waste products), HSMs reduce bowel toxicity. This allows bacteria essential to health, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidus, rhamnosus and faecium to thrive. (When levels of harmful organisms are high, these bacteria are suppressed.) Proper levels of these beneficial bacteria act as powerful immune regulators. They also produce vital hormones, vitamins, enzymes and short-chain fatty acids that help balance intestinal pH and support the healing of the intestinal lining. Furthermore, if taken with meals, HSMs are proficient at breaking foods into their most basic elements. This allows almost total absorption from the digestive tract, supporting the body’s cellular growth, development and vitality. As a result of the unusually thorough breakdown of foods by SBX, constipation is eliminated almost overnight in many cases.

HSMs act to improve nutrient absorption by removing the barrier created by accumulation of waste on the intestinal wall. As a result, the intestinal villi (the hair-like “fingers” on the intestinal walls that absorb nutrients) are cleaner and therefore more efficient. HSMs also demonstrate enzyme activity that supports digestion by helping to break down foods. (Note that SBX may be taken with or without food. The cleansing benefits will be more pronounced when taken on an empty stomach, while the enhancement of digestion will be greater when the product is taken with food.)

HSMs release lactoferrin as a normal by-product of their metabolism. This binds with dietary iron in the intestinal tract and facilitates its absorption. Otherwise, it is very poorly assimilated and remains free for use by pathogens. In fact, harmful microbes do very poorly in the presence of lactoferrin because they are then starved for iron.

Alpha-interferon is a powerful immune compound produced by leukocyte cells. It is well known in the medical community for its effectiveness against molds, fungi, viruses and bacteria. Alpha-interferon exists in about 20 varieties and HSMs stimulate the production of 16 of these.

Antibodies are formed by the human body in response to the biomass formed by an HSM colony which is viewed as an antigen (foreign substance). These particular antibodies are very useful because they are non-specific. They are stored and can later be encoded and used for immune defense as the need arises.

Super-oxide dismutase (SOD) is a by-product of HSM metabolism. Its effects as a powerful cellular anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenger are well documented. Because very few foods contain SOD, the effects of HSM bacteria in supplying this enzyme are most welcome for the prevention of organ and tissue damage. The enzymatic activity of super-oxide dismutase also greatly increases the efficiency of energy production within the cells, thereby making it especially beneficial for kidneys, skin and heart.

HSMs also produce DNA/RNA, which is especially useful for the human body because it carries the naturally coded instructions for the activation of self-repair in certain human cells. This is quite noticeable on the skin where incredible accelerations of wound and burn healing have been reported.
SBX formula can be extremely beneficial to those suffering from Candida by enhancing immune function, (speeding recovery from the illness). The SBX also helps to restore intestinal health, iron levels, optimum nutrient assimilation, and cellular antioxidant levels.

This formula's most crucial Candida-related benefit lies in its fortification of immune function; Candida related illness is almost always linked to immune weakness.

Candida overgrowth can quickly undermine intestinal as well as immune health. It interferes with efficient digestion and therefore contributes to a build-up of waste in the colon and along the intestinal walls. Putrefactive bacteria and other pathogenic wastes accumulate. Candida and the overall putrefactive environment can even cause damage to the intestinal lining (i.e. leaky gut syndrome).

The HSMs in the SBX formula aid digestion, support intestinal detoxification, control pathogenic organisms, and can even help heal the sensitive intestinal lining. In fact, this formula appears to be well suited to meet most of the recovery challenges posed by Candida-related illness.

SBX may be taken with food or without. The cleansing benefits will be more pronounced when taken on an empty stomach while the enhancement of dietary nutrient assimilation will be greater when the product is taken with food.

SBX: The Perfect Complement to the WholeApproach protocol. Because of its benefits to immunity, digestion and colon hygiene, SBX enhances the effectiveness of the Attogram Products. The Attogram products (Caproyl, Bentonite, Psyllium) should be taken for at least two weeks prior to starting with SBX. This gradual approach minimizes the "die-off reaction" that is often experienced at the beginning of a Candida cleanse (i.e. headaches, fatigue or worsening of symptoms). Good elimination should be established prior to beginning the SBX.

When starting the SBX, begin gradually:
First week: One SBX capsule per day
Second week: One SBX capsule twice daily
Third week: One SBX capsule three times daily
Fourth week onward: Two capsules three times per day until symptoms have improved substantially. Gradually discontinue the product and stop - or reduce to a maintenance dose of one capsule two to three times per day.

Directions (when used without WholeApproach Program)
This product can temporarily alter bowel function and stimulate rapid detoxification, so it is important to gradually increase the dosage. Starting with one capsule twice daily, gradually increase to two capsules, four times per day (over the course of approximately four weeks). Stay at this level until desired results are achieved, then reduce dosage gradually.

For maintenance, take one capsule two or three times per day.

Attogram strongly recommends taking a fiber supplement and increasing water consumption while taking SBX (at least five to ten eight-ounce glasses per day). The fiber and water support the removal of the intestinal waste loosened by the HSMs. Attogram's Psyllium powder is the ideal fiber for this purpose. For best results, take the SBX at least two hours away from the fiber supplement.

Do not use for more than four months continuously. A two-week break is adequate. Gradual reintroduction is recommended after a break from use.

The reason for discontinuing the product is to force the body to resume functioning without the support of the HSMs. The break prevents the body from becoming so accustomed to the product's support that it loses its effectiveness. Phasing the product in and out again results in a sort of "training program" for the body as the effects of the product are integrated.

Intestinal toxicity and/or an imbalance in intestinal flora have been shown to contribute to many disease conditions, while insufficient immune function has been implicated in everything from allergies to heart disease. Clearly this supplement, with its broad range of therapeutic benefits, could potentially have a major impact on North America's current health crisis.

SBX with Healthy Soil Micro-Organisms now on sale in the WholeApproach Store.

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