Systemic Enzymes

by Patrick Buehl, World Source Nutrition

As we approach our late twenties, our body's production of enzymes slows, and by the time we reach our forties, our body's production of key antioxidants drastically reduces. To top it off, flavonoids and organic sulfurs are not even produced by our body. The best external source for enzymes, antioxidants and flavonoids is raw and living foods that are not processed, dried, cooked or preserved. Cooked food is virtually absent of enzymes and may reduce the presence of antioxidants, flavonoids and sulfurs. Cooking also changes the molecular structure of food, making it difficult for our body to properly digest and eliminate it. We know that complete digestion and proper elimination of what we ingest are critical in maintaining optimum health. In summary, if you eat primarily cooked foods, your body may not be able to process that food efficiently. This would be one of the many reasons you may be a prime candidate for Zymitol™.

Enzymes are the working energy in your body and their effects are nothing short of profound. While digestive enzymes work in the intestinal tract, systemic enzymes are rapidly absorbed into the lymph and blood stream and circulate throughout the entire body, delivering their benefits everywhere along the way.

Zymitol™ is a blend of enzymes containing various proteases of very high concentration that are not derived from animals (100% vegetarian):

Serrapeptase is used worldwide as an anti-inflammatory enzyme, replacing bovine-derived trypsin and chymotrypsin.

Bromelain may guard against the formation of fibrin, and once in the blood, it may promote normal inflammation levels, maintain healthy blood flow, and may support the immune system.

Papain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the papaya. It is capable of cleaving and splicing proteins and peptides into free-form amino acids, which are necessary for many biochemical reactions in the body. Papain is also useful in the elimination of parasites in the gastrointestinal tract by simply digesting them. Papain has acquired the reputation of a new "biological scalpel" because it selectively digests dead tissue without affecting the surrounding live tissue. Papain comes to the rescue when the body requires a cleansing of the dead cellular material.

Amylase refers to a group of enzymes whose function is to hydrolyze (breakdown) sugar and starch (carbohydrates). If carbohydrates are not properly hydrolyzed, the potential for serious health concerns may develop. Amylase also acts with Protease to stimulate immune system function. It also works with lipase to digest certain toxins.

Lipase is an enzyme that is required by the body to break down dietary fats into an absorbable form.

Organic Sulfur (MSM). The body utilizes MSM for proper enzyme activity and hormone balance support, along with the promoting proper immune system functions.

Rutin, a water-soluble flavonoid which is highly regarded as nature's super anti-oxidant.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) provides protection against the oxidative damage of free radicals. ALA may also promote healthy blood flow to nerves Alpha Lipoic Acid is a component of several human enzyme systems, functioning to convert food into energy. This hard working nutrient breaks down food and impedes fat production by redirecting calories to be used as energy.

Protease is another form of enzymes which demonstrates the ability to breakdown protein. Its role is critical as incomplete protein digestion creates problems for the body including development of allergies and formation of toxic substances. Undigested proteins may also pass through the body and remain undigested. These undigested proteins have been linked to many health concerns and foreign invaders in the intestinal tract. Some of these foreign invaders are parasites. Protease is largely responsible for keeping the small intestines free from parasites. A lack of protease increases the risk of intestinal infection including an overgrowth of the yeast Candida. Protease also delivers the specific nutrients necessary to promote healthy muscle and tissue, as well as for vibrant immune system function. As a rule, enzymes do not attack living cells. Enzymes are generally unable to pass through the cell wall when the cell is alive. However, as soon as a cell dies, its wall becomes permeable, so enzymes can easily enter the cell.

The following are examples of how systemic enzymes can improve your quality of life:

Reduces Inflammation
Helps your body repair damaged tissues, such as post-operative injuries, cuts and bruises. Reduces swelling and inflammation, which often alleviates pain, as is often the case in patients with arthritis, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia.

Promotes Healthy Circulation
Helps cleanse the blood of toxins and impurities. Aids the liver in filtering toxins out of the body. Assists blood vessels in becoming unclogged, which may lower your cholesterol and improve your overall circulation.

Guards Against Fibrosis
Fibrin causes blood to clot and injuries to heal. Insufficient enzyme levels cause an excess of fibrin to form, which leads to thick ropey scars. Enzyme therapy can help eat away at the fibrotic build up without depleting your immune functions.

Helps Maintain a Healthy Immune System
Helps modulate your immune function.
Reinforces your body's defense mechanisms.
Maintains optimal health and speeds healing.

Fights Viruses
When your immune system attacks viruses, the virus is protected by a protein shell. Enzymes in the Zymitol can eat away at the virus's protein shell making it easier for your immune system to battle the virus.

Maintains Health
Enzymes work synergistically with vitamins and minerals to help your body function optimally. Having a healthy level of enzymes will help you look better and live longer.

The following Zymitol Testimonials were sent to Generation Plus (the manufacturer of Zymitol) by practitioners who use Zymitol in their practice:

"Fibromyalgia patients have amazing results with a combination of specific and general ultrasound and approximately 6 Zymitol a day. The lesions, I feel, are probably from a virus, which reduced adhesion of the parallel fibers of the striated muscles.

The nerves do not stretch and thus are pulled near the surface by the adhesions formed by the fibrin/fibrinogen complex of "healing". The lesion then acquires more fibrin and "locks down" with time and use. Meanwhile the other nodules are forming, tightening, pulling on the primary nodules. As I work on these patients, they feel the difference very quickly, although the work does take a long time to clear the nodules from each area.

The Zymitol removes excess fibrin from the blood (confirmed by blood test) so less is depositing on the lesions, and the lesions themselves are softening while the ultrasound breaks up the top surface fibrin complex. Tactilely it feels as if the freed nerve immediately resumes its correct position. The Zymitol in the patient's system helps prevent additional scarring of the area. My patients report little or no fatigue, better digestion, stronger, more normal muscles, and reduced facial wrinkles (some of which is from reduction of pain)."
Louise Hamilton, D.C. 

"Dear Generation Plus, Inc.:
One of the many Zymitol testimonials experienced in our clinic comes from a 35-year-old female patient.

She was overweight by 100 lbs. and experiencing a whole array of diverse problems. She had low and mid-back pain radiating into both hips. Her blood sugar and her menstrual periods were irregular. Her emotions were very unstable and she was on psychotropic mediums.

After three (3) weeks on Zymitol, she was sleeping better, her blood sugar stabilized, and she was less emotional. The hip pain had resolved, and her back pain was 65% less.

After five (5) weeks on Zymitol she was nearly pain free, and noticed looser clothing..

After seven (7) weeks she had lost 25lbs, and stated that she had never been able to lose weight before, on any protocol. She also requested that her physician begin to take her off prescription drugs.

Today, she is committed to Zymitol, and is now taking only one (1) capsule daily and is pain free!
Best wishes,
Michael Richards N.D."

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