Attogram Phase I Product Suggestions

Dear Customers:

The Attogram Caproyl, Bentonite and Psyllium products are no longer available.  There are a few online retailers that may have a very limited supply of the products.  We’ve put together some additional information and resources to help with substitutions for the Phase I products.   The following suggestions are for informational purposes only and we do not have staff available to answer questions pertaining to these suggestions.

Caproyl –  The Caproyl can be replaced by high quality MCT Oil.  There are many brands on the market, including some non-GMO, organic brands.  One teaspoon (5ml) of Caproyl contained 4ml safflower oil and 1ml MCT oil (caprylic acid).  You can use 1ml of MCT oil (with a touch of high-quality oil of your choice for added lubrication) to replace one teaspoon of caproyl.  You can measure 1ml of MCT oil with an eye dropper (.2 teaspoon is not easy to measure).  You can purchase bottles with droppers showing ml at Walmart and Amazon. 

Bentonite Magma – Yerba Prima liquid Bentonite can be substituted for the Attogram Bentonite Magma.

Psyllium Husk and Seed Blend -  Organic Psyllium husks and organic Psyllium Seeds are available in bulk.  You can grind the psyllium seeds using a Vitamix or coffee grinder (Vitamix is faster, holds more and results in a smoother texture).  Mix ½ ground husks and ½ ground seeds to make a husk and seed blend.  It’s not as convenient and takes a little practice, but the resulting product is effective and economical. 

Probium probiotics are available online and also available from the manufacturer, Dietary Pros. 

SBX is still available on our website and when our website closes, we plan to carry the SBX on Amazon. 

From Attogram Corp: 

Attogram is sharing another product option with us as follows:

Attogram Corp. has recently tweaked their program in Canada and it has been very well received amongst their predominantly Naturopathic Doctor customer base.  It is now possible to duplicate the program, buying existing products from other companies.  This is as follows…

Bentonite Magma has been replaced with food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) powder.
DE is very highly negatively charged like Bentonite
and so, like Bentonite, adsorbs positively charged toxins in the intestinal tract.
Psyllium SEED + husk powder Blend has been replaced by
Psyllium HUSK Powder (no seeds), available almost everywhere.
DE is much harder than Psyllium SEEDS, making it a better scrubber of the intestinal wall. 
Consequently, it effectively replaces the SEED portion of the Psyllium Powder.
Caproyl  Vegetable Oil has been replaced by MCT oil.
1 teaspoon (5 ml) of Caproyl contained 4 ml of safflower oil and 1 ml of MCT oil.

The MCT-only dose is now administered using an eyedropper, rather than a teaspoon.

Many eyedroppers have a capacity of 1 ml.  Some even have a mark at the 1 ml level.  MCT oils generally contain about 500 mg of Caprylic Acid per 1 ml.  This is the same amount of Caprylic Acid found in 1 teaspoon of Caproyl.

Just once a day / 8 oz liquid / 2 ml MCT oil / 1 slightly rounded teaspoon Psyllium husk powder / 1 heaping teaspoon of DE powder  /  blend or shake well, drink immediately

NOTE: We have reduced the dose size of the Psyllium because husks ONLY will tend to exert a greater laxative effect than the 50/50 mix.

Where to get these products ……    


NEEDS has prepared a page for the MCT, DE and Psyllium husk products:

MCT oil:  Garden of Life, Nature’s Way, Now Foods

Psyllium husk POWDER:  Now Foods, Yerba Prima  

Diatomaceous Earth:  Lumino Health               


Emerson Ecologics

MCT oil:  Garden of Life, Jarrow Formulas, Now Foods, Protocol for Life Balance

Psyllium husk POWDER:  Now Foods  

Diatomaceous Earth:  Heritage Store               



You can purchase bottles with droppers showing ml at Walmart and Amazon. 

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