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113 Psyllium Husk and Seed Blend 10 OZ

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10oz. Bottle
Psyllium - husks AND seeds powder (Plantago Ovata). Other Ingredients: None
Promotes Digestive Regularity

Product details:
Psyllium is a key element in obtaining the needed gelled consistency, which slowly moves caprylic acid through the intestinal tract.

Most Psyllium products are husks only and sold solely for their laxative effect. This husks-only Psyllium possesses minimal intestinal cleansing action. The seeds, even when crushed into a powder, still retain tiny granules, which scrape away the accumulated fecal build-up on the colon wall. The husks absorb water and form the gel, retarding the passage of the fungicidal caprylic acid.
This Psyllium product uses the dual benefits of both Psyllium seeds and husks.
    • Psyllium forms the gel, which gradually, gently scrapes away the Candida breeding ground (plaquing of fecal matter), from the intestinal wall.
    • Psyllium forms the gel which reduces toxic overload ("die-off" reaction) by absorbing toxins released by dying Candida.
    • Psyllium forms the gel which binds Caproyl into a timed-release form. (taking Caproyl alone will result in very little anti-Candida activity since most of the caprylic acid will leave the intestinal tract very quickly.
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